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    The effect of training on stress and coping with stress in patients receiving infertility treatment
    (CUKUROVA UNIV, FAC MEDICINE, 2020) Eroglu, Nermin ; Temiz, Gamze ; Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi/ Hemşirelik ; Nermin Eroğlu
    Purpose: This study was planned and applied semi-experimentally to examine the effect of education given to patients receiving infertility treatment on stress and coping with stress. Materials and Methods: The study is semi-experimental. It was held between May 2017 and January 2018 with individuals who applied to a foundation hospital in Istanbul province for IVF treatment. The sample was made up of 40 infertile individuals. The data were collected by the researcher through face-to-face interview method. Training was given after pretesting. Post-test was performed one month after the training. Results: The pre-education stress scale of middle school graduates of infertile women was higher, this difference disappeared after education, and there was a statistically significant difference between the infertility stress and coping scale subscale mean scores. As the use of active ignoring, active struggling and passive ignoring coping methods of women, the use of the methods of coping with the infertility subscale scores increased, the infertility stress subscale scores increased.. Conclusion: In this study, the relationship between infertility and stress research was investigated and it was concluded that the treatment process and results are an important source of stress in patients. According to the results obtained, it is recommended to determine the stress level and methods of coping with stress, and provide training and counseling on patients who apply to the hospital for infertility treatment.
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    Skeletal muscle fatigue does not affect shooting accuracy of handball players
    ( 2019) Akyuz, Beyza and Avsar, Pinar Arpinar and Bilge, Murat and Deliceoglu, Gokhan and Korkusuz, Feza
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    Acute Changes in Electrophysiological Brain Dynamics in Elite Karate Players
    ( 2020) Duru, A.D. and Balcıoğlu, T.H. and Özcan Çakır, C.E. and Göksel Duru, D.